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The Snowy River Passage, discovered in 2001, is now thought to have the longest cave formation in the world.

The Fort Stanton Cave Study Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to conduct and promote exploration, public education, scientific research, and environmentally sound management of the caves and karst within and surrounding the Fort Stanton Snowy River National Conservation Area. This organization, comprised of around 200 volunteers with the spirit of "volunteerism", has been pursuing these activities for over 40 years, taking Fort Stanton Cave from a well known popular recreational cave, to a world class, scientifically extraordinary, 50+ Kilometer system (as of the July 2014 expedition). The discovery of the famed Snowy River passage in 2001 is one of the most significant achievements of this organization. Now, in what is possibly the most remote (from an entrance) underground area in the world, approximately 10 miles south from the Turtle Junction location, our teams are continuing the hydrological survey of several Snowy River tributaries.

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Fort Stanton, New Mexico, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 88346

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